Learn What Works and What Doesn’t

Are you a compassionate, smart, ambitious, responsible, service-minded, collaborative, no-excuse professional service provider?

If so, we’re perfect for each other! I do my best work with you.

I know your challenges because I’ve been there.  I will coach, teach, mentor and personally help you reach your goals, achieve your dreams and:

Quickly and easily get your business up and running

Get clients you love working with

Build long lasting client relationships

Overcome the dreaded overwhelm that most entrepreneurs experience!

Market and sell your services and products with ease and integrity

Be more resilient, cut your stress and increase your productivity

Most small businesses are very good at what they do (their subject matter expertise) and they are passionate about their work.  But having a highly satisfied client, who will refer you and do business with you again and again, takes more than that.

Working with clients is a unique type of business that requires specific skills, techniques, tools, and processes in order to succeed in a big way.

To get more clients you have to first know how to attract clients. And to do that you must be able to:

  • Use powerful client attraction techniques
  • Have a clearly defined Signature Framework for your services
  • Write a rock-solid contract
  • Be able to keep clients engaged over the long term

…and much more…

The good news is there is a way you can easily learn these important skills that will help you get more clients.

To build your small business in a BIG way you will need a few things:

  • First you need to learn the tools and techniques (the art and the science) of building a strong small business and outstanding relationships with your clients (which starts even before you’ve closed the deal).
  • Next you need to be disciplined about implementing these powerful skills that will allow you to attract and keep great clients who will do business with you over and over – and pay you what your services are worth!  That’s where I come in.

I can make sure you have the skills and techniques you need to run an outstanding consulting practice. And, because I have been down this road before, I can provide the excellent support system you need.

First – The skills and techniques you need: I’ve created programs to give you ALL the skills, techniques, and tools you need to build a world-class client-attracting small business by learning what the largest firms in the world do but scaled for the solo to small business.  Everything is gathered together in one place. No need to attend countless different classes and try and piece this together to make sense. I have done it for you. The programs provides all the skills, tools, and templates you need to run a world-class consulting organization.

Second – Your support system: As an entrepreneur who has worked with Fortune 10 companies throughout my career, I can support and coach you each step of the way as you create or expand your business. This will keep you success-focused and steadily progressing in the right direction.

To take your first step, read my answers to some of the questions I am asked most frequently here.