Ruth’s Rules for Success

Earlier this week I spoke with a group of graduating seniors at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was an open discussion over a sumptuous lunch in the school’s culinary museum.

The topic was my book:  From Hired to Happy.

This was a remarkable group of students.  They were all highly focused on their careers in areas including event and sports management, food science and culinary arts.

In preparation for the meeting I developed some talking points, which resulted in the following:

Ruth’s Rules (or Recommendations…) for Success:

1- Responsibility trumps everything else.  Be willing to take full responsibility for your life.  No excuses.

2- Rule your Revenues.  Get comfortable living just a bit below your means.  Get comfortable with money.

3- Rule your Relationships.  Choose carefully with whom you spend your time.  We are all highly influenced by others.  Choose those that will help you become the best you can be.

4- Rule your Mind.  Learn to:  1) become aware of what you are feeling, 2) know what you are thinking (which causes the emotion) and 3) choose a different thought that will give you a better emotional response.  Make the different thought real – something your mind will believe.

5- Read.  Become a life-long learner.  It’s a key to happiness and success.

6- Request. Learn to ask for what you want and need.  FIRST give.  Then ask.

7- Relax! Learn to breathe from your belly.  Do this when you get stressed.  It sends oxygen to your brain and calms you down quickly.

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