About Ruth

Welcome.  I’m Ruth Gerath.

I’ve been working with customers and clients my entire career, starting with my first job at IBM as a systems engineer.  What a great way to begin.  In those days the customer facing new hires went through rigorous off-site training that took up to a year to complete. That kind of experience isn’t available any more but I’m grateful to have experienced it.

After twelve years and many positions that included heading a joint technology study with the Harvard Business School and various headquarters positions I decided it was time for a change.  I became vice president of a large software engineering group within a major financial services company.  Then, in 1997, I  joined a start-up consulting firm.  We were public within a year and had 2500 employees within four years.

During that time I headed two consulting practices: CIO Services and Program Management. Our clients included some of the biggest names in finance, telecom, utilities, entertainment and more.

In 2003 I made the next leap and started my business. Actually, I started the business in 2004. I took almost 12 months to decompress and consider my next move which took me right back to high-end consulting.

Working with top clients is always a thrill.  The fast pace, high demands, and even the corporate politics are challenging and stimulating.  But I realized I wanted to do more so I wrote a book, studied executive coaching, and finally in 2010 founded the Consultants Business Academy.

I am passionate about consulting!

So I started to have this dream.  I wanted to create a way for smart people with great skill and integrity to learn how to consult and how to really run their businesses.  These are the two things I see missing in so many talented people who are consulting today.

Well I finally just decided to do it – to follow my dream – and I founded the Consultants BUSINESS ACADEMY.  The only other way that consultants can learn these skills is by working for one of largest firms in the world.  But even then you wouldn’t learn the business building skills you will learn in my programs.

I believe that consulting is a noble profession.

In fact, many of my clients feel it’s a calling.  They are passionate about what they do and want to serve with excellence.  They also want to build fulfilling, long-lasting relationships with their clients – not just because it’s the smart thing to do from a financial perspective – but also because it makes getting up and doing the work they love so much more enjoyable!

In the Consultants BUSINESS ACADEMY you learn the all the building blocks to creating a strong, highly professional and effective consulting practice.  You also learn the alchemy of working with your clients.  These two things together are what make for the kinds of relationships, and financial rewards, that consultants crave.

Finally, I love learning!  I am constantly searching out the smartest resources to bring what they have to offer to my clients.  I’ve invested heavily in my growth as a business owner and my clients get the best of the best from my experiences and investments.