Is the Client Right for You?

Here’s the thing

As a professional services provider you have to be able to walk away from a prospect if the situation is not right for you.

In this market. Are you crazy?

I assure you, I’m not. The reason you need to be selective in your choice of clients is because what you do for a living takes a LOT of energy. Clients either increase or drain your energy.

A client who is not right for you can deplete your energy in all aspects of your business. You can end up spending much more time than you planned putting out fires that keep cropping up. You may start to doubt yourself or the value of your services. This can lead to action paralysis which, for the business owner, is akin to getting the plague.

Great clients are a source of continued energy. This is the sweet spot that will keep you in business for a long time.

How to know if the client is right for you

  1. You share the same values
  2. They demonstrate integrity during the prospecting phase
  3. They are transparent about what they want to achieve
  4. They want and need what you are offering
  5. They have money to pay for your services
  6. They are emotionally mature

Trust your gut

Some people have a built-in radar that guides them, letting them know when to steer away from something or someone. If you weren’t born with this kind of internal navigation system, you can develop it. Just pay attention to the clues you are receiving and learn to identify when you are experiencing stars-in-your-eyes syndrome. That’s when the opportunity looks so good you’ll do almost anything to get it.

Trust your gut and protect your energy. You will end up with a much happier situation for yourself and a much more satisfied client.

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