How Reframing the Question Can Change the Outcome

What questions do you ask when faced with a challenge?  Are your first thoughts about what is right and working well?  Or, like most people, are they about what’s wrong and what needs to be fixed?  It turns out that the question has a powerful impact on the outcome.  Positive psychology studies show that what we look for is what we see, and this creates how we experience the world.   In a nutshell, what we ask impacts what we get.

To test this out for yourself, try this experiment for a few days.  When you encounter a difficult situation, try first asking yourself what is right, good, or working about the situation.   Once you’ve got your answers, then look at what needs to be fixed or improved.  Finally, explore solutions.  When you’re done, take a moment to reflect on how this approach worked.  Did it produce a new way of looking at the situation?  If so, how?  What insights did you gain?

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