First Trust Yourself

This week’s blogs have been about how to build trust with others.  But what about building trust in yourself?  Dr. Stephen Covey says that the fastest and most powerful way to build self-trust is to make and keep commitments, including with yourself.  By doing so you create a sense of integrity, clarity, and power.

Recently I was feeling overwhelmed with work and unexpected personal commitments.  As a result I was not walking my dogs regularly (a personal commitment that is a big part of my own exercise routine as well as theirs).  I finally realized that dropping this one commitment was causing what I call mental mushiness.  When I started making the time to walk the dogs regularly I was able to break a mental logjam that had been haunting me, and I felt a greater sense of trust in myself to make other commitments that I’d been putting off for weeks.

What steps can you take to build your self-trust?

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