Do Your Clients Feel the Love?

One of the most important jobs you have as a small business owner is to make sure your clients feel loved.  It’s not just a nice thing to do – it’s smart business.

In large consulting firms a senior person is always assigned to key clients.  Their job is to make sure the client feels the love.  Well, they may not say it that way – but you know what I mean.  The client has to feel he/she is important to the firm.  Otherwise what’s to keep them from taking their business elsewhere?

Your clients are just as important to your business so let’s look at 5 easy ways to make sure they feel the love from you:

1- Send a handwritten note to say thanks for being a great client.  Simple but effective.  When is the last time you got something in the mail besides a bill?

2- Check in on a regular basis with anyone using one of your products or services.   A quick, “Just wondering how things are going.  Do you have any questions?”  is fine.

3- Give something extra.  I’m not talking about the “bonus” at the end of most offerings.  I mean, think of something you can do, and do that.  It doesn’t have to be big.  I often simply stay on the call a bit longer than scheduled with my clients.  They always see this as a gift and appreciate it – although I usually do it because I’m so wrapped up in what we’re working on.

4- Connect them to someone in your network.

5- Send information they can use like a link to an article or a blog post that is particularly pertinent.  Google Alerts is perfect for this.

Your clients are the backbone of your business.

Make sure they know it.

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