Consultants Business Academy™

Build a Rock Solid Consulting or Coaching Business and Fill it with Top Clients


Do you struggle to find and keep top clients, manage their expectations and get paid for all your work?

The Consultants BUSINESS ACADEMY shows you how to eliminate these problems and make your business more predictable, profitable and attractive to clients.

Until now there has been no way to learn these skills unless you worked for one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

Here’s what we’ve learned over many years of working with consultants:

Most consultants are very good at their subject matter expertise BUT don’t run their businesses as a business and have never learned how to consult.

If this sounds like you… read on…

Professional Services is the fastest growing industry segment in the U.S.  Think about it.  That means that the number of people becoming consultants is sky rocketing.  And  here’s the thing about that:  Yes, consulting is a great way to make a living BUT only if you know how to do it.  It takes a whole new set of skills to build a healthy consulting business than it does to do anything else.

To stand out in a crowded field you need new skills.

So what skills do you need?  The answer is you need the skills that the top consulting companies in the world have perfected and teach to all their employees.  But, as a solo or small business consultant you don’t have access to this knowledge.

Until Now!

Consulting is amazingly rewarding  but only if you know how to do it right!

Why not make the most of your business and deliver maximum value to your clients?

Are you a business management, marketing, human resources, information technology, search engine optimization, organizational development, public relations, wellness, advertising or financial consultant?  Are you a business or executive coach?  If so, the Consultants BUSINESS ACADEMY was created just for you!

here’s what you’ll learn:

How to be compelling when talking with prospects

What makes you unique and how it will attract top clients

How to set and manage client expectations

A powerful technique for getting paid for ALL your work

How to write a bullet-proof contract

How to build client relationships like the largest companies in the world

How to attract top clients and how to keep them

How the top firms start, run and end engagements

How to charge what your services are worth

Consulting best practices processes, tools, templates and techniques

Business tools, software and processes to make your business run smoothly

Time management and implementation techniques to get you where you want to go

A powerful sales technique you will love even if you think you hate selling

Powerful mindset mastery for keeping focused and on course


You will learn how the top firms attract and keep great clients and how you can too!

This powerful program goes deep into how to build a world-class, highly profitable consulting practice. And on top of that you will learn what you must know as a solo-consultant or small firm if you want to build a business that has great clients and high profitability. More on what you will learn:

  • Guidance for building your signature products and methodology
  • A simple yet powerful way to increase your revenues
  • Techniques for creating loyal life-long clients
  • How to create your compelling story that sets you apart and draws clients to you
  • The secrets to a website that sells (… and is not expensive to build or maintain!)
  • How to package your services so that you can make more money and have more time

In each session you will receive training, tools, and techniques that you can put to use instantly!