This comprehensive Signature Framework covers everything you need to know about building a strong consulting practice.

The Foundation

…is the bedrock of the system.  Here you learn how to create compelling language for your services, which will be designed to exactly meet your target market’s greatest wants and needs.  You will build your Signature Framework, commonly called a methodology by the big firms.  You must have a Signature Framework because it lets you easily describe what you do.  This alone is highly attractive to prospects.  It is the foundation for all your networking and marketing language and material.

Consulting Mastery

…is the heart and soul of becoming a top consultant who has the agility and skills needed to handle any client situation with grace.  You will learn what to do at each step in the consulting life cycle:  prospecting, contracting, starting, running and ending an engagement in a highly professional and effective manner.

You will learn how to spot and avoid the traps that trip up many consultants. And you will learn a fabulous technique to make sure you are paid for all your work – without alienating the client.

Business Mastery

…is all about running your business.  You must be able to reach your target market.  You must be able to get above the noise to be heard.  And since selling is something that most consultants do reluctantly, you will learn a simple and very effective technique that will give you the confidence to speak to any prospect.  And not least is the issue of your website. You will learn how to create a highly professional and effective website without spending a fortune.  This alone is worth the cost of the program!


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