5 Powerful Client Attracting Questions

The secret to attracting top clients is simple… get to know what they want and need and then speak to them in language they use themselves.

To do that you need to know your target market (who you serve) and your ideal client extremely well.

Here are 5 questions that will help you:

1 – Who is [in] your target market?

2 – What do they need and want?

3 – What words do they use to describe their needs and wants?

4 – What emotions are they experiencing because of what they want and need?

5 – What are the characteristics of your ideal client? (don’t overlook this one!)

These questions are powerful because they help you get a deep understanding of why people will buy from you.

Do this first and then create your products and services.  If you do things the other way around (or don’t do this part at all) you might be disappointed with the reaction you get to what you are offering.

You also will use the answers to create website copy, marketing materials, social media content and networking conversations.  Write down your responses and then put them in a file.  Revise them regularly as you grow your business.


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