7 Reasons Your Small Professional Services Business Needs a Methodology

How do you do what you do?

Top professional service providers rely on their signature methodology to answer this question and build instant credibility.

Let’s look at an example of a high level methodology for a management consultant.

Phase I Assess:  Conduct targeted interviews and fact-finding sessions.  Collect background material from client and other applicable resources.

Phase 2 Report:  Synthesize what you’ve learned, build conclusions, report findings with recommended course of action.

Phase 3 Plan:  Create detailed plan to transform from the current to the future state.  Include resources, timelines, deliverables, communication plan, governance, issues and risk management, and success criteria.

Phase 4 Implement:  Do the work in the plan and manage the project/program/engagement.

Phase 5 Monitor:  Set up regularly scheduled reviews and ongoing check points.  Adjust as required.

Each phase is then broken down into greater detail and includes all the tools, templates and processes needed to do the phase.

Having a well defined methodology has many benefits.  It shows that:

1) You know exactly what you are doing

2) You can estimate well because of #1

3) You are not making things up on the fly

4) You have a base from which to customize engagements when necessary

5) You are distinct in your approach

6) You are organized and thorough

7) You understand consulting at a deep level

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