What are You Not Doing (for your own good…)?

It’s Saturday.  I am old enough to remember Saturday’s as the one day a week that was unscheduled and unplanned – a delicious expanse of time that would become whatever I made of it.

It goes without saying that Saturday’s are anything but free and uncharted territory these days.  But what if on just one Saturday a month, or one Saturday afternoon or morning a month, you cleared your calendar and just let the hours unfold.  What if  you used the time to ‘follow your nose’… and do whatever moves you.  One of the most luxurious things I can do during my uncharted time, I know this sounds – well, odd -  is iron.  Yes, iron cloths, tablecloths, napkins.  I love the smell of the warm fabric, the feel of the fibers that have been smoothed of all wrinkles, and I love the way freshly ironed linen and cotton look.  While I’m spritzing the material with water and then moving the iron back and forth, my mind is free to go where ever it wants.  I’m in a time warp.  The scent of the warm fabric seems to hit a creative part of my brain and new ideas often emerge.  But that’s just me…

There are many things you can do to increase your lasting happiness, and one of them is giving yourself permission to simply be, for a while.  It is as important as setting and achieving goals.

It’s Saturday.  What are you NOT going to do?

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