5 Simple Rules for Relationship (Building) Marketing

Question:  What is relationship marketing?

Answer:  Developing a real relationship with someone.

Prospects are people too.  You are someone’s prospect or client.  I’ll bet you like to get to know someone before you buy from him/her.

Here are my 5 simple rules for relationship marketing:

1 – Be respectful.  You can’t fake respect for others.  People see through it.  Don’t you?

2 – Be useful.  Help others with information, resources and tips they can use.  Connect people in your network.  Give a referral.

3 – Be brief.  Review what you’ve written and remove words, sentences or paragraphs that don’t support the core message.

4 – Be deep.  Keep expanding your knowledge in your area of expertise.  Study the best resources and share what you learn with your audience.

5 – Be kind.  My grandmother always to said, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”.  She was right.

These rules apply for in person, online and social media marketing activity.

Sometimes simple is best.


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